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March 13th, 2011, 08:40
Right, this game has certainly proved me wrong. I started hating this game, and I've finished obssessed with it. I have to say… wow… I can't decide now whether I like ME2 or DA2 more (Ofcourse, BG2 remains my favourite game of all time still).

I've completed the game as a mage.

I have to say, game length is not an issue at all. In fact, I think there was more quest in DA2 than DA1. Certainly, more interesting too. It's a shame though, that at points I really didn't want to pick up anymore side quests because I was getting tired of battle. Especially ones that must be done at night time. You get into battle every 5 steps or so. I thought by end of chapter 2, I must have killed 99% population of Kirkwall. They must be breeding really fast…

I didn't like voice acting so much. Hawke, Anders and minor NPCs voice acting were rather disappointing. Especially, Hawke (female). Bring in Jennifer Hale please.

Graphic… was interesting. Everything looked similar to DA1 (especially ones that make entrance again in DA2 from DA1, like Alistair, Anders, Nathaniel etc) and yet… more ugly!! I hated Elf graphics the most though… SO UGLY.

I'm not going to talk much about combat. My main focus on rpgs like this is NPC interactions and storyline. One thing though. Last two boss fights were ridiculous.

Story was very well done. It was really boring till you get to chapter 2 though, in my opinion. But as soon as chapter 2 started, you get the feeling something big is going on, and you started to see why Cassandra wants Hawke so badly, and how this war between mages and chantry have began. The ending hints that Warden/Hawke might make a re-appearance in DA3. I really hope so! I would love to see the ending of Warden/Alistair and Hawke/Anders. Especially Hawke/Anders couple. The ending wasn't satisifying at all! Not even an epilogue. Just what might come in future (Again! What a tease! Only way to find out is to buy DA3).

Also, big love to most of those who made reappearance (Cullen, Flemeth, Anders, Nathaniel, and Alistair!)

What I hated a lot is though, a lot of dialogues were meaningless. You never get out of fight by choosing right dialogue option. No matter what you choose "axe in your face" is the result.

I loved companion quests. It made me love/hate them so much. I couldn't careless about Isabela until towards the end of chapter 2. I begin to hate her with passion, then beginning of chapter 3, we've became good friends. Anders, I loved to bits until towards the end of the game, but I've forgiven him in the end<3 (yes, I romanced Anders). I really end up loving all of my companions (even Carver) except Merrill. I just can't stand her. Bioware really flashed out individual characters so well, although most of them have extreme personality.

Future notes to expand upon (or topics to discuss):
- Why is every mage now a blood mage, able to summon demons and undead? Most mages also turn into abominations for some reason. In Origins, this was pretty rare..
I think it's to show that mages are pushed to the edge. You do realise that mages in Kirkwall are treated a lot more harsh than mages in Ferelden. If I remember correctly, most of them have transformed when they were without any hope. Funny though. Anders believes mages should be free and all, and yet should we trust him? I got the feeling Anders has lost war with Justice/vengeance, so technically, he is an abnomination. So what difference is there between Anders and blood mages? Well, except the fact he does not use blood magic…

I also experienced same bug as you. My warden killed Archtect but Nathaniel indicated that I've let Archtect go to fullfill his part of bargin (which he didnt… what an ass!)
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