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March 13th, 2011, 14:21
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Thats a pity, I really thought my 3 rogues + dog would impress everyone .
(btw, when I said "I also played DA:O without a tank on nightmare often" I meant that I was changing my party composition a lot throughout one playthrough, not that Ive played majority of the game with 3 rogues + dog)

My point however was that nightmare in DA2 is lot more restrictive than nightmare in DA:O when it comes to party composition.
DA2s nightmare is more difficult than DA:Os nightmare, but it achieves it in manners which make it also a lot less enjoyable.
So you consider DAO Hard to be DA2 Hard? My feeling is more that DAO Nightmare is more DA2 Hard, and perhaps DA2 Hard is between Awakening Hard and Awakening Nightmare.

The DA2 Nightmare difficulty seems failed, some people complained about it too much based on higher life level and friendly fire, and that it didn't work. For me the friendly fire is for too many attacks and spells so I gave up trying the Nightmare mode. I could come back to it at a replay.

It's not yet a problem for me because the fights are still very fun in Hard difficulty. My characters just level 10 in first chapter and the fights are quite fun, and the class management is very fun too, there's so many talents and it's not anymore about just put every point in one attribute, well some people pretend it's just 2 attributes now and 3 for a rogue.

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Really ? Because I had often quite some problems with them in Dragon Age 1

Maybe it's my fault that I'm not specializing haracters not enough ? I do this in *almost all* games I play, by the way. Eventually in almost every game I end up with the characters having to be jack-of-all-trades
Well at least I remember a post about the whole DAO campaign made with a single made totally nude.

Bioware organized for each class a players feedback in their forums. I read them a little and I remember a significant number of complain about mages too powerful in comparison with other classes. But well that's just a feeling I got. The same go for the fights speed, also remember too many players complaining about them being too slow.

But ok that doesn't mean I agree. Players that optimize a lot their party vs those that make it more balanced and more general is a problem in general in party RPG. In DAO it wasn't only that but also many tricks making the mage overpowerful.

Also the multiple DLC items really broke a balance in DAO. In DA2 I took care to not use many of the DLC items (SE version) asap, I waited find myself some items at roughly equivalent power to start use them. They still gave me a significant plus but doing that tempered this plus. In my opinion it's a huge problem with all those optional items.
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