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March 13th, 2011, 22:22
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
Especially ones that must be done at night time. You get into battle every 5 steps or so. I thought by end of chapter 2, I must have killed 99% population of Kirkwall. They must be breeding really fast…
If you go once through the area and really hunt does guys, you get a map to there headquarters and can finish them off. After that you can move around in that area undisturbed.

What I hated a lot is though, a lot of dialogues were meaningless. You never get out of fight by choosing right dialogue option. No matter what you choose "axe in your face" is the result.
I can't say for all the choices but I did get out off some fights with choosing the right answers.

I loved companion quests. It made me love/hate them so much. I couldn't careless about Isabela until towards the end of chapter 2. I begin to hate her with passion, then beginning of chapter 3, we've became good friends. Anders, I loved to bits until towards the end of the game, but I've forgiven him in the end<3 (yes, I romanced Anders). I really end up loving all of my companions (even Carver) except Merrill. I just can't stand her. Bioware really flashed out individual characters so well, although most of them have extreme personality.
I like the companion quests, as far as I know them, too. It's not just a "can you help me get that" but an interesting story behind it.

Funny though. Anders believes mages should be free and all, and yet should we trust him? I got the feeling Anders has lost war with Justice/vengeance, so technically, he is an abnomination. So what difference is there between Anders and blood mages? Well, except the fact he does not use blood magic…
Blood mages aren't abominations as far as I know. It's just seen as really evil and a lot of them start killing people to do their magic.
The difference between Anders and normale abominations probably is that he is not possessed by a demon but by a spirit. I don't think, Justice uses Anders the way the other demon possessed people were used. They started to give up their own family to accomplish their goals while Anders still is somebody who wants to help.

Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Other than that, talents have been reworked. I'm not really sure how I feel about the new system - all in all it works out pretty well I suppose, but it's a bit.. slow? It's hard to describe, but I'll try: I constantly get the feeling that I need 3-4 more levels to get something groovy, which takes loads of hours, mainly because the talent trees are locked on level/amount of points put in a tree. A lot of levels feel completely useless because I just put "filler points" in a tree to get to the great stuff at the end of the tree.
There is not really a difference to DA:O. I remember playing as a rogue and choosing some talents I never used so I could get the talent in the third tier.

It's better than Origins, but that doesn't say a whole lot (let's be honest, Origins had a rubbish main quest). The companions generally have some interesting quests, and the main quest itself is actually not as obvious as most BioWare plots, which is a good thing. There are a lot of timesink quests though, that you never actually care about, but do just for the experience/money. It's not like Gothic where you put serious effort into pretty much every quest - it's more like an MMO where you gather up 3-4 quests and go do them all at once. This aspect was present in Origins too, however, so it's nothing new.
I don't know but so far I had a lot more "I want to kill this guy" moments than in DA:O. For example a certain dwarf, a "mother" and a certain murderer. And in this game you really can't be sure who is left standing when you finish the chapter…

- Choices and consequences: There are lots, but are they real? Need a second playthrough to verify some of the choices (I suspect the ending is actually a fake choice, not a real one).
I really think it depends on the choice. For some there is a different consequence but they aren't that important. For others their is a different consequence but the ultimate outcome is at least similar.

Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
The length this is funny. I see repeated posts on forums claiming the game is 15 hours long or 20 hours long… I'm at 25 hours and just got to chapter two.

The game is plenty long enough.
I really don't know how somebody played through this in 15 - 20 hours. I'm at 26 hours and still in Chapter Two.
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