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March 13th, 2011, 23:11
Originally Posted by Siran View Post
I really don't know how somebody played through this in 15 - 20 hours. I'm at 26 hours and still in Chapter Two.
It's a classic comment, seen again and again for many different games. I see two possible explanations:

1) Bragging. Some people think finishing a game fast makes them cool somehow.. so they exaggerate a bit.

2) Some gamers have a lot of time for gaming and can/will allow themselves to be completely absorbed in a game. When they finish the game it doesn't *feel* like a long time for them, so they just throw out an estimate matching their feeling that the game was short.

Usually I simply don't believe reports like this, since I often know for a fact that the game in question *can not* be completed that fast
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