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March 13th, 2011, 23:50
Originally Posted by Siran View Post
If you go once through the area and really hunt does guys, you get a map to there headquarters and can finish them off. After that you can move around in that area undisturbed.
What? In all area? During chapter 1? I remember it happened to me two times and the second time I was level 10 and got a very rude fight forcing me do a lot of micro management, and I loved it.

This first chapter seems never ending, but I like that. The good point is people that don't like have too many fights can skip many (not all) and can spread those street night fights, sometimes I really feel "woo can't I have more fights?".

Originally Posted by KasperFauerby View Post
It's a classic comment, seen again and again for many different games. I see two possible explanations:

1) Bragging. Some people think finishing a game fast makes them cool somehow.. so they exaggerate a bit.

2) Some gamers have a lot of time for gaming and can/will allow themselves to be completely absorbed in a game. When they finish the game it doesn't *feel* like a long time for them, so they just throw out an estimate matching their feeling that the game was short.

Usually I simply don't believe reports like this, since I often know for a fact that the game in question *can not* be completed that fast
Players are also different, first you can skip many points, second you can fly through exploration just following blindly a quest cursor, you can spend quite few time in thinking about equipments and classes level up and you can even just use the auto level up button, you can fly much faster through fights by lowering difficulty level instead of replay multiple time a fight and think about tactics and try different tactics. And at reverse you can spend a lot of time into all those elements and spend much more time to complete the game.

But in no way I expect DA2 be as long than DAO. At first play of DAO, the game recorded duration was 120 hours and this not counting reload.
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