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March 14th, 2011, 00:09
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I loved companion quests. It made me love/hate them so much. I couldn't careless about Isabela until towards the end of chapter 2. I begin to hate her with passion, then beginning of chapter 3, we've became good friends. Anders, I loved to bits until towards the end of the game, but I've forgiven him in the end<3 (yes, I romanced Anders). I really end up loving all of my companions (even Carver) except Merrill. I just can't stand her.
What? Except Merrill? And even you can't stand her? Woo so you don't love Imoen illegal daughter, the young little sister forever? And not even a word about Varric? Arg. That said I agree that Carver is more interesting that what's mentioned usually in posts about the game. I don't have yet the good background as I haven't yet finished chapter 1, and I met Anders only almost at end of chapter 1, and Isabella even later not even yet available as a companion. And anyway I plan this time not make the error I made with DAO and plan keep many companions for the replay.
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