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March 13th, 2011, 23:18
Originally Posted by Siran View Post
Darktown, Lowtown, Hightown. I'm not sure if they still there in Chapter 2 if you killed them in Chapter 1.
Thanks for the tip, I made Lowntown and Hightown, Hightown final fight was very very rude at level 10. I'm not sure for Darktown, it is complicated because of the special entrances (from Docks) but well I suppose those don't count.

I'm still in Chapter 1 so I still can check Darktown to not take the risk of not having the opportunity in Chapter 2. It's that sort of stuff I expect have consequences even if not on main quest. In fact I already make once a choice killing a quest provider so I'm quite sure that some player decisions have some importance and later consequences.

Originally Posted by Siran View Post
I'm playing on Steam, so I can consult the counter there.
That's really a point I like in Steam, but don't have it this time as I play a box version for DA2. I wish someone release a freeware doing that counting, but well as I play DA2 on Mac I wouldn't be able to use it.
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