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March 14th, 2011, 00:19
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
The length this is funny. I see repeated posts on forums claiming the game is 15 hours long or 20 hours long… I'm at 25 hours and just got to chapter two.

The game is plenty long enough.
I always wonder if those people who say they completed the game in 15 hours actually played the game to SAVOR it? It seems like they put the difficulty on casual, did ONLY the main quests, and breezed through them at that.

I am well over 30 hours of playing and am still in the 2nd "act". I explore every inch of the maps, try to do all the sidequests, take time to find the best loot and configure the most enjoyable combat tactics, etc.

Game length is NOT an issue this time.


Thank you for the spoiler-free review Maylander. I'm still playng the game, but can echo some of your exact sentiments. Story is more focused than Origins (smaller scope, but generally more interesting and better characters). Combat is DIFFERENT, but not worse. I actually LIKE the faster pace and the re-organization of the talents. Exploration is dumbed down and pretty much non-existent, though. I mean, not that that was always Bioware's strong point (this aspect has eroded with each successive Bioware release since BG2), but the maps this time are very linear and obsessively goal-centered.

You pretty much summed it up with "Talk - combat - Talk - Combat",etc. It's a good thing the combat is exciting and the plot better than Origins.

I'm playing on Hard, btw. I found normal slightly too easy for those of us that spend time creating the best tactics lists. Hard is just the right amount of challenge. However, a few of the boss fights were so tough on Hard that I had to temporarily drop it back to Normal to get through them.

P.S. - Right on about melee rogue being quite fragile. I rarely use
for that reason. I play as an archer rogue, myself.
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