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March 14th, 2011, 03:32
I couldn't stand Merill, yes. As for Imoen, I really loved her in BG2 and hated her in BG1. I guess there is some similarity between Merrill and Imoen (if you are talking about BG1).

Carver was interesting one, yes. I started off hating him, but in the end, I've started to get attached to him. In my next playthrough, I'm going to make more effrot to be nice to him. Yes, not much about Varric. He was certainly talkative and a nice guy… but didn't stand out that much in my opinion. I was extremely attached to Aveline, Fenris, and Anders. I got along well enough with Varric, Isabella and Carver.


Where do I get that to avoid battles at night time?? Because I am really fed up with constant battle.

About Anders -- I guess you are right. He is possessed by spirit not demons. Still, his obessesion was getting really freaky at the end.


To be honest, I think Anders was more central character for the story than Hawke in the end. I wonder what happens if I don't help Anders to set up the bomb?
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