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March 14th, 2011, 08:35
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post

Where do I get that to avoid battles at night time?? Because I am really fed up with constant battle.

About Anders — I guess you are right. He is possessed by spirit not demons. Still, his obessesion was getting really freaky at the end.
You can't really avoid them, you can get them over with once and be done with them. You run through the whole district and trigger the groups. You know you found all if you get some kind of message about their headquarters. Now you can go there and kill the leaders of the group and you want have any more night fights. (At least not from that group…)

I'm still in Chapter 2 so I don't know how the situation with Anders evolves.

Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative
Saved games show how long you have been playing anyway, much more accurately than Steam does.
But only for one playthrough. If you want to know, how much time you spend with the game, Steam's better.
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