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March 14th, 2011, 10:30
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
I couldn't stand Merill, yes. As for Imoen, I really loved her in BG2 and hated her in BG1. I guess there is some similarity between Merrill and Imoen (if you are talking about BG1).
I hated what they made of Imoen in BG2, a sort of irritating constant whiner even if she had reason for. It's an awful misunderstanding of Imoen in BG1.

For Varric well it's the more detailed and the more funny, but I don't have a good point of view as I'm still at chapter 1.

Originally Posted by Siran View Post
But only for one playthrough. If you want to know, how much time you spend with the game, Steam's better.
And Steam will register reload and alternate tries that represent better the real time spend.

Still out of topic but about game length, I'm still at chapter 1, the whole team at level 11, for about 35 hours of play, and 48 quests but about 10 are quite tiny but some are rather long too. And I think there's at least one I haven't succeed to trigger (or perhaps this will be later), plus lost few because I made a choice canceling completely a provider of quests and perhaps lost 2/3 quests.
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