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March 14th, 2011, 12:02
Originally Posted by RivianWitch View Post
Can't one disable tactics with a single button anymore like you did in DA:O? I want to have them on for some battles, but with the harder battles I'd like to control the followers myself. Using the "hand" doesn't seem to help, one of my followers explicitly disobeyed an order I gave him with the little hand set "on".

In the tactics section I can't seem to find a disable button. Please don't tell me one has to clear the tactics slots one by one to be able to play with tactics disabled?
The hand tells them to stay put but if their tactics tell them to use a skill that requires they move then that takes precedence. As for turning off tactics no, I do not believe there is a one press way to do it. You can however make the custom tactics all off, then quickly switch to a pre-made tactics setup with one click.
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