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March 14th, 2011, 15:21
Originally Posted by Benedict View Post
Things I like:

Things I don't like:

Woo I'm close to be agree with all except few details or nuances, for the conclusion I feel I'll disagree but I can't say until I finish it at least once.

But there's one point I'd like comment:
Originally Posted by Benedict View Post
Fights do get a bit samey, as others have commented they overuse the emergence of additional enemies from nowhere.
For sure almost all fights use the trick and that's a weird design choice. But I don't feel all fights are the same, not at all. It's not because there's a very general structure shared that it plays the same.

This structure allows a ton of variation, for example a next wave could be time scheduled forcing you hurry before next. Some are thrown in your back to avoid retreat and hide tactic is too easy. Some are linked to a death or number of death building more an endurance challenge than a speed challenge. Some waves are just cumulation for the speed challenge. Some waves are increasingly strong rising up the tension a lot if you notice it. And the type of enemy used and combined make a ton of differences between each fight. Moreover the position of some key enemy can also make a huge difference. A good example is a cavern reused three times in first chapter, each time the same place is used for the final combat, and each three final fight is very different to the two other.

In my current feeling the fights are much more structured and designed than those of DAO this making a significant difference. Many balances have been improved a lot, potions no more abuse, mana and endurance use much better tuned and balanced, differences between classes and their overall (rough) balance is quite better.

Where the fights fails a bit, once more, is that there's still a bit too many fillers. There's a ton less fillers fights than in DAO but still less would be better. I would disagree not have any filler/relatively easy fights, but less would be cool.
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