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March 14th, 2011, 17:43
The Game folder does have a save sub folder, but the problem is if I uninstall the game, then delete the entire game folder information remains. Upon reinstalling the game I find that my save files, my game settings (controls, audio,video) and the horrible changes my experimenting with the SDK did all still persist.

I can understand the save and config files being stored in a separate folder under my documents or something because that's pretty common (except I can't actually find that folder). But how changes the SDK made persist is beyond me.

All I changed was the weights of a few items and then somehow accidentally cleared the weapons dealer's buy/sell info in the starting town. But manually going back into it and changing everything proves trickier than I thought. And the audio is buggy so half the sounds don't play (like car engines). So until I figure out where those files are or how that data is being saved through a clean reinstall I can't play.

But as I said. Not the end of the world. Got plenty of other games to play and I got enough hours of enjoyment out of the game to feel I got my money's worth.
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