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March 15th, 2011, 15:01
Originally Posted by Siran View Post
To avoid it, I use three different things: Auto pause on combat…
I also enabled it, without it it's too much frustrating when you see the trap but AI doesn't.

Anyway, I finished the second part yesterday. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that your party members are actually somehow involved in the main story. Dunno about the DLC NPC, didn't want to pick that one.
Found two bugs:
1. You give the book to Isabella to use it any way she wants to, but in the finale you may say as a general talk instead as a lie that you wanted not to give it to Tevinter mages.
2. Sketchy quest although solved still displays the arrow on the map over Sketchy.

Nothing really important, honestly, I just like nitpicking.
One quest remained unsolved - the one with evil books. I took one, then saw at home a note that I'm supposed to destroy them, so I destroyed this one in inventory (by pulling it aside) and took "destroy" choice for other books, but the quest was left unfinished. I googled for locations on books because I thought I missed one, but no, found them all, but didn't pick the same choice in all cases. Maybe I'll replay the game for it, but can't make a promise.

In any case I play RPGs for the story not for the easy/normal/hard combat. Improving NPCs armor is probably a must and for all of you who are just starting the second part of the game, I strongly suggest to check all stores before you start questing. Maybe it's not needed on easy (casual) setting but dunno.
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