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March 15th, 2011, 23:24
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Story (main and side quests)
It's better than Origins, but that doesn't say a whole lot (let's be honest, Origins had a rubbish main quest).

Overall, the writing seems better than Origins. A bit more focused.
I just completed the game for the heck of it and this is really off imo.

First, Originsī main quest was not rubbish, unless youīre talking about its basic structure aka "blight is coming, pc becomes grey warden, gathers allies and defeats archdemon, the end" or something.
Because the core of DA:Oīs main quest lies in dealing with different factions, getting to know their customs/problems, becoming involved in local politics and choosing how to deal with them.
The darkspawn threat is a generic premise, but it serves only as a background and agent to get other things moving. And the main quest is really about these other things and these were presented well, you got to make a solid amount of choices on the way and various options were presented in plausible manner.

DA2īs main quest is "not so obvious" not because itīs intricately constructed, full of smart subtlety or overall well written, but because itīs a directionless mess.
Itīs just a bunch of loosely (if at all) connected side quests the gameīs throwing at you as you go on, thereīs rarely any sense of tangible reason why you should do them and even though you can make some choices along the way, in the end they donīt matter at all since everything plays out more-or-less the same, even the ending cinematic is the same bar one or two different sentences.
And "main quest" parts in act 3 didnīt make any sense whatsoever, hilarity at its finest.

DA2 has only more interesting/original premise, but when compared how both gamesī main quests actually play out in detail, DA2 has nothing on DA:O.
Personally I consider DA2īs "main quest" to be the worst of Biowareīs games Iīve played (havenīt played NWN OC and Jade Empire).

Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
and I have yet to encounter any serious bugs
I got one - my character attacked progressively slower to the point the game became unplayable - the culprit was bugged friendship power from Isabela and I had to use save game editor to fix it.
Also, "post-chat" to Merrilīs act 3 quest occurred before I even started the quest.
And just remembered that reviving party members in combat results in them being treated as if out of combat (fast regen, constantly sheath weapons).
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