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March 16th, 2011, 01:45
Turn based, old(er)-school RPGs would be perfect for the iPad.

My wish from indie developers: Build a good, basic but versatile engine. Sell that with an adventure, like a module from old D&D days. An interesting, but relatively simple and self-contained adventure. Then sell updates which are more, newer modules. You can keep tweaking the engine and content as you do this. But then you don't have to build, develop and release the OMG EPIC 100hour+++ adventure full of bloat and filler. We are all only human. I personally think it's a ridiculous goal for small, independent developers to try to create epic, sprawling stories. Why try? Give us good content in sizes that make sense. I don't want to save the f*cking world when I play an indie game.

Again, a platform like the iPad is perfect for this kind of gaming model, to download updates and add-on content.
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