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March 17th, 2011, 13:48
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
Good post DArt, I agree. The iPad being the new focus of indie RPGs would be devastating in my opinion because they would be much more dumbed-down on average and DRM'd up the ass on a closed platform. Not to mention the fact that I will never buy a $500 thing that does less than a laptop. The thought of the iPad being the focus of indie RPGs scares me.

Keep indie RPGs on the PC as much as possible, please.
Yes, it scares me too. But I'll probably live

My main concern is that most people don't seem to have a problem with inferior versions, that are also typically much shorter and smaller in scope overall.

If you look at pricing, I can understand where the average consumer is coming from. 5-10$ for a 10 hour "semi-RPG" seems like a good deal.

Note that I'm not talking about Avadon here - but those that I've personally tried, like Dungeon Hunter, Avalon, and others. They're either very short - or simply VERY inferior versions of ancient PC games.

Then again, my idea of good pricing is not about "value" in terms of time or length.

I'd gladly pay full price and more for a good strong title, but for anything "semi" they might as well be free - as I don't want them.

Time is much more precious to me than money.

For a great game like, say, what I expect Deus Ex 3 to be - I'd pay 100$ without a second thought - as I think of my purchase as a "vote" to support, as I've mentioned before. But obviously, they'll never set it at that price - and the industry is not based on the "honor" system.

It's about minimising effort and maximising revenue - and smartphone/gadget games are NOT there for the consumer.




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