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March 17th, 2011, 17:06
DArtagnan absolutely nailed several things IMO:
- The 'mainstreaming' - it doesn't make the game dumbed down *at all*, just gets you into the game much quicker. I honestly didn't even think about it the first time I was playing (of course, it was the first beta so I had more pressing issues )
- The App Store mentality - there are many good games on the App Store. Some are remakes (Final Fantasy I & II are updated PSP versions, then there is Broken Sword, Myst, Vay, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter IV, Phoenix Wright, etc), some are originals 'right-sized' for iOS (hidden object stuff from G5 and Big Fish), still others are rip-offs (Game loft is notorious with their Halo clone (NOVA), StarCraft (Starfront), Modern Combat 2 (Modern Warfare), and so on), and some are actual new properties. But as he says, these might be 'good', but simply porting Baldur's Gate II or Dungeon Siege or Morrowind to iPad would blow them all away.

As for what this all means … we don't know. Some genres are perfect fits for certain platforms - that is certainly true for consoles. I really see iOS & Android smartphones eating away at the Nintendo and Sony handhelds (I know I barely touch my DS or PSP anymore), but tablets like the iPad offer an interesting option as the screen is relatively good, the performance is quite good, and for certain game types they are a pretty solid fit.

But the price point for acceptance means making choices - as mentioned it is tempting to go the Angry Birds path - sure it is ubuitous, but more than 30% of users paid $0, and 95% paid <$1. That is no longer about 'wanting' the game! At $10 you hit a point where someone has to actually WANT the game, but you can still make some money - it is just a different business model.

And since we've gotten somewhat off kilter here I really loved having my review quoted to bring us back
-- Mike
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