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March 17th, 2011, 18:13
Even on the PC, a significant indie RPG scene is only emerging just now (Spiderweb alone did not make a scene). Currently we see more indie PC RPG projects getting published or getting close to publishing than ever before in my memory. Despite the Xbox, the PS3, the whateveryacallit, the iPhone, Androids, tablets and whatever shit is out there. In fact they are partly being made BECAUSE those platforms (and the market and todays worthless youth, yadda, yadda) have changed the mainstream games. Will they have success and keep making games for our favorite plattform, the PC? Will some of them be able to grow a little and make AA games, like what D'Artagnan would wish for? That depends on their success, but so far I don't remember a prominent team quitting (well Zerosum did, but that may have many reasons, among them their game crashing every 5 minutes…). If these teams were after the easy money, none of them would ever have started making an indie CRPG in the first place.
At the same time I see a number of small companies making fun litte RPGs for the iPhone/iPAD, that I had never heard of before, so I don't think they are disgruntled PC developers. I wouldn't want these games to be the only choice available, of course not. But they are fun for what they are: little diversions for playing on the train or for half an hour before bed.
Right now, I will not cry wolf. Every new development brings both risks and chances.
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