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March 18th, 2011, 16:16
Oh yeah, Minecraft is becoming one of my all time favorite games, and it's still in the beta.

It's just so open-ended, it's the epitome of sandbox gameplay. If you want to build, then build to your heart's content. Build a tower w/ lava flowing from the top of it, standing on the edge of your territory, build a bridge. Build your own castle, or dungeon. Build a full-scale Sphinx. If you want to explore, tunnel down into the earth or set out over the horizon. If you want to fight or play a survival game, go hunting after dark or explore the dark caverns below.
It's terribly addicting, and death in the game only spurs me on further….

I broke away from it for a little while to play one my early birthday gifts - Dragon Age II. A game that I swore I'd never buy, and didnt want to particularly play was gifted by my fiancee. Funny in a way. About an hour in, and it doesnt seem too bad. I cant reallly comment on it too much at this point.

Thinking about installing Minecraft on my pc here at work so I can play it at lunch…
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