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March 18th, 2011, 21:54
well i'm a completionist and just started, what i assume is, the final chapter and have put in at least 70 hours. that's including probably about 4 hours which is due to redo areas that were to difficult on hard that i had to come back later or try 2 to 3 times to be victorious. i'm enjoying the game and it has much greater value than the $40 awakenings which was ~25 hours worth of gameplay. when i finish hopefully this weekend so i can start shogun 2 i'll post more thoughts.

for the record i've kept it on hard the entire time which is quite painful at times but a nice challenge. 2 areas in particular caused me to redo the end of the prior chapter before the point of no return as the completionist in me really wanted to do them. one was the "gauntlet" and subsequent tome quest (the easy part) near sundermount and the other was the peak area of sundermount which had no quest but i had to be thougrough and as i thought there was a resource there i would have missed. some of the undead/horror/shade/demon battles can be quite insane though i've found a good strategy to outplay the waves is that they seem to be trigged by enemies killed not elites/bosses so taking out the bosses first and avoiding too many aoe spells/feats seems to work well.

some charcters definately have more utility at higher levels of which i'm at 20 now than do others.

also on a side note impulse dicked me around with the signature edition so i didn't actually get it until around 40-50 hours in which was in the lengthly prior chapter so i might have missed one of sebastian's quests who is one the characters i'm not all that fond of. the only charcters that i really enjoy in the game are anders, varric, aveline, fenris. every other one i find a bit too stereotypical and grating and thankfully inferior in battle for the most part anyhow.
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