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March 18th, 2011, 23:03
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
No offense intended. Just want to know if it can be played as a pure action RPG without tactics and pausing on hard difficulty…
After about 12-15 hours on hard, I can say that there is frequent pausing, but it's mostly assessing the battlefield and re-aquiring aggro on the warriors. The tactics feature of DA2 allows you to be as uninvolved as you like, as far as what uncontrolled characters do after combat begins, but it's very rare that you'll be able to breeze through most fights without pausing to see what's changed, especially when the 2nd and 3rd waves of enemies teleport onto the scene in a circle surrounding the mage.

And Ovenall, you should check out what people are actually saying about the game in the last few days. There hasn't been all the negativity that you're claiming. Several threads are from people who are actively playing, and enjoying, the game, and the criticism that they have isn't "laughable bitching." The game wasn't made by Jesus - it's got flaws. Several. Annoying ones. Do they break the game entirely? Yeah, some do: Apparently, if you become superfriends with Isabela and Sebastian, switching them in and out of your party results in your attack speed and damage resistances getting progressively worse, due to a math error that subtracts their bonuses from your base values instead of the ones that are tacked on when they're in your party. Kinda tough to beat the game when Hawke has 3 second attack animations and a -18% damage resistance. Or, how about the fact that 90% of the loot in the game is useless trash, and the stuff that you can actually use is only good for Hawke, and that's if he's playing the correct class for the loot? If all the loot is trash, why give it to me? Why not streamline the process of me going to a vendor to sell all my hoarded bits of string? Just convert that crap to a couple of coppers, and let me get back to killing trash mobs. Yeah, those trash mobs that come in waves, magically appearing all throughout the battlefield, rendering such tactics as, "attack enemies there, where it creates a bottleneck, significantly hampering them, " or, "hey mage, why don't you stand here, where it's harder for the guys with swords to hit you," completely useless. It's awesome knowing that in every single boss fight, I'm going to lose a mage, and will be reduced to running around the map, waiting for potion and ability timers to cool down.

You might be able to see that if you took off your Bioware tinted glasses, which, if memory serves me correctly, is one of the 14,788 unlockable items you get for "liking" the dump that Mike Laidlaw took last week.
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