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March 18th, 2011, 23:51
Originally Posted by Ovenall View Post
On Hard difficulty, there are fights that I've encountered that are really tough. Not all, but some… especially it seems the main quest fights. Also, you have a cooldown (not sure how long) on potions, so you can't just slam them down over and over. That makes it tactical in and of itself.

Also, after playing a while I am completely used to the higher speed combat and it's not an issue anymore. You learn how to pause. Like any damn new game on the planet, you have to adjust to it a little. Again, people are bitching about this game in a way and magnitude that I find puzzling and amusing.
At hard I perhaps get slaughtered too much, and still now in chapter 2. I probably didn't optimized enough the characters I am using, and probably not using any true tank makes it more difficult. I stick on Hard anyway because I know that when fights won't be a problem they'll start get less fun. But there's a negative effect, it breaks too often the adventure and story or stories and overall game progression. The point is after to have one more fight slaughtering me, after few other that required one or more replay to beat them, I need a pause to charge the power and refill my determination.

Myself I'm not fully used to the quite increased speed but it's right that overall it doesn't feel that much different than in DAO, and also overall, the fights are a lot better than in DAO. For me there's no match. Also I replayed BG1 up to end few year ago and for fights, for me it's quite clear that DA2 is quite better for the fights. I haven't played BG2 since a too long time to risk a real comparison but from what I roughly remember of SoA, the fights wasn't as good. And from what I remember of ToB, the fights was probably somehow better.

I would like anyway an option for slower speed but I doubt this would work very well for most players including perhaps me, because a significantly slower speed would make many fights very long.

There's one clear reason to play DA2 it's for fan of fights of DAO, the overall feeling won't be that much different in DA2 but a lot better overall and with much more character building possibilities from the fights point of view.
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