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March 18th, 2011, 23:57
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
You seem quite sure it's a crap game, but I don't think you have played it. I know many players won't be able forget their crusader against, well I don't know against what, and then won't be able to calm down and just enjoy the game. But I'm playing it, I took my time and the game pace let you find your own pace and I enjoy it. The fights are great despite the awful speed, the dialog system does well its job, there's good fun from managing the classes and level up, there's enough to be busy about items and equipments even of companions, many companions are interesting and in fact more attaching than those of DAO and MoTB and NWN2, and for NWN1 I only remember Deekin that say all. Even the exploration of the big town isn't that bad and in fact quite cool for a Bioware game. Even if there are noteworthy flaws, there's a a lot of stuff to possibly enjoy it quite a lot, even if not all will.
I'm not going to call it a crap game, I'm reserving judgement.I do know that they took out a lot of the things that I like and felt justified in voicing my opinion.I'm now only 6hrs in as I don't have a lot of time to play. They should have had more back story or maybe started in lothering. I'm now rescuing a family I don't care nor know anything about. Which is a shame because they origin stories drew me in rather quickly especially the city elf. I'm getting used to combat but aoe's up a hill are impossible with the limited camera. Not hating it but, not loving it either.
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