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March 19th, 2011, 00:21
If you can't cast a spell at some point it's because you don't see the target, move your character to a better position to do it. I didn't felt that point a problem because it put back more importance to movements. The best solution would be tactical and fog of war from the character controlled but DAO didn't had that too.

For me the negative point of the lack of tactical view is more that sometimes it takes me a lot of mouse seeking to find my target through some other. Anyway this isn't new stuff for me, Drakensang was working like that and that never removed the fun from its fights.

The Origins stories was a great design of DAO, I wish many RPG use the trick because it's very helpful in RPG, as often you'll play a bit few characters or even party composition before to stick to one. The only point was that it wasn't well balanced with only one origin for both mages, and dwarves with more origins but less classes.

The introduction of DA2 isn't fully successful it's more a sort of interactive movie. DA2 really starts at chapter 1. But this chapter 1 design is quite more hardcore than was DAO because it's really more for RPG pure players liking digging and there's no clear main story to drag you all along.
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