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March 18th, 2011, 23:46
The game time is recorded during pauses? I believed not, in fact I'm sure it isn't. I just checked it so I can be fully sure, but I had already noticed it.

The lower difficulty can certainly help but my point is more the number of things out of the main paths that I quoted, that includes dialogs and quests. Just one example of a rather long dialog not linked to any quest pointer, through a spoiler:
Spoiler – SPOILER

Another example about finding quests, often I quoted there's a quest trigger that spawn in a place where there was nothing before. A spoiler comment about that:
Spoiler – SPOILER

I don't think everything is recorded in the diary, well I'm sure of it in fact. I think it's to avoid have the various sections of the diary too much overload with stuff not really interesting or useful to check later. But it's still a good point to check how deep to dig the game.
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