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March 19th, 2011, 00:55
sebastians dungeon quest was fine but between the accent and another character with those neon blue eyes on top of him being a rogue but besides him using a bow he really had no persona of a rogue, but i guess that's why technically he's not in the main game. i guess a prince doesn't really need a profession so he had to get put somewhere. beside's carver he's the only character i have/had a rivarly with and i've almost maxed that out.

some quest are triggered by certain companions going into certain areas and others so i see it as quite possible how many people who don't check every area of all the maps can miss out while at the same time not be rushing through the game. too me though it fills the exploration tab which is already usually a meager meal in bioware games.

i will say this though bioware pushes the "f'uped family" theme way too much after playing most of this and also mass effect 2 where the amount of dysfunctions and tragedy is less believable than the dark fantasy and sci-worlds they exist in.
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