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March 19th, 2011, 00:57
Originally Posted by Roi Danton View Post
The Story of Dragon Age 2 is very different that that of Origins. It’s not about an unstoppable invasion or the something that threatens to eradicate every living being in every dimension.
Inspect DA:O´s main story in detail and you´ll notice majority of it was not about "an unstoppable invasion", but about dealing with different factions, contained a lot more politics, more fleshed out lore and characters than DA2, plus not all conflicts were black/white either.
Originally Posted by Roi Danton View Post
If you have your first game fighting the epic battle against the monster invasion it is just a bit stupid to have a sequel that centers around the social problems of a city.
My comment from above applies here as well, I´d only add that since I thought DA:O´s "social aspects" belonged to the game´s highlights I considered a sequel more focused on these to be a good idea.
But instead of more non-combat quests and elaborated intrigues we got a bunch of linear quests filled with rehashed areas, waving enemies and dialogue choices which ultimately lead to the same result.
There´s nothing comparable to events around Landsmeet from the first game, for example.

Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
And Bioware did choose to tell a story about a human that rose to power this time around; first they tell the legend, then they tell the real story.
Similarly in this case - putting major focus on "a human that rose to power" is an interesting concept, but in the actual game you really don´t have much choice to influence how your character does it.
For the majority of the game you´re just doing all these combat heavy side quests, then deal with one major threat and you´re champion.
Afterwards there was a good opportunity to finally bring faction relations to more fruition but the game doesn´t bother. For example in my playthrough I was supporting mages whenever I could, but I still had to do quests for templars in act 3 no matter what. Not to mention the ending, eh.
And you have also almost no influence on your family´s fate either.

I know there wasn´t much of branching in DA:O, but the concept of DA2 really, really asks for more of it to be implemented.
As it stands, as a part of the main story your personal story will be very similar in each playthrough and most of possible differences will be only related to the companions (even though I don´t like some related design decisions, I think that companion element is overall implemented quite well in DA2 and unlike most of other aspects doesn´t seem to suffer from rushjobitis).
Thanks to origin stories and different perspectives they offered on some later game segments DA:O´s story felt more personal to me.
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