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March 19th, 2011, 01:09
Originally Posted by curious View Post

some quest are triggered by certain companions going into certain areas and others so i see it as quite possible how many people who don't check every area of all the maps can miss out while at the same time not be rushing through the game…
Well I almost used only the same characters in my party at exception of Carver that I used sometimes during chapter 1, plus made the companion quests of Chapter 1 and few require a companion in the party, I remember only the mage from Awekening but could be wrong. There's Merrill too but she is a permanent member of my current party. And now Carter isn't available anymore at all.

So I almost used only three characters and it's perhaps the cause, but I don't remember once a quest triggered by the presence of a companion in the party. Well anyway despite I'm digging a lot I'm sure there's stuff I haven't got, like have disposed a quest provider rather soon, or a place where there was a magical barrier and didn't found how get through and it wasn't here anymore during chapter 2. I also skip Sebastian quests but that's on purpose, I keep it for replay.

I haven't build it fully yet and need finish at least once, but for me DA2 is a lot more hardcore than DAO.
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