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March 19th, 2011, 01:27
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For the majority of the game you´re just doing all these combat heavy side quests, then deal with one major threat and you´re champion.
Mmm so that during chapter 2 so many people tell my how good I am and all the good I brought to the town, but this is fake and this will be the same if I do all the opposite choices than those I did?

I didn't want spoil myself too much so only gave a quick look about some thread about how fake was players decisions in DA2, but well I seriously doubt that. I won't be able argue about that before a long time because I'll replay at least once the game and after I'll finally finished it once. Only then I'll allowing me dig in deep the official guide and the wiki too. But one example when illegal mages I rescued explain me later that it's nice I have let them flee but there wasn't enough delay and then they have been captured, I doubt a lot that would have been the same dialog if I have done a different choice.
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