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March 19th, 2011, 02:26
Originally Posted by curious View Post
theres way more than 3 of those scrolls if you are talking about the ones that you can read destroy or use. 6 i belive plus the final one…
Not that I know of, this is a special quest that adds a map location to uncover some secret evil. It does not go in the quest area but the codex keeps track of it and each scroll I got updated it. But I wanted to get into the ending and it was just this and last main plot quest to choose from.

I looked it up in Wiki to conform (while I totally avoid spoilers on my virgin play through I never do after that - as then I am trying to cover everything I might have missed or taking alternative paths). It is 3 scrolls and related lairs. Won't spoil it beyond that.

The game time is recorded during pauses? I believed not, in fact I'm sure it isn't. I just checked it so I can be fully sure, but I had already noticed it.
I wasn't sure myself. If it didn't then you could add A TON of game time to my stuff as I spent a lot of time debating stats, skills/spells, and making choices - which was often while the game was paused.

Way to many quests to quote nor do I wish to spoil. I had the Quanri quests you mentioned. I am sure I could have missed some - either because of companions or just because I was tired or overlooked something. But it wouldn't be because I was rushing. I would constantly sweep areas - revisiting later on - often before an act changed. I have no qualms about using the TAB key to highlight things either.

I really enjoy exploring and finding things. I also really like my character and doing things with my companions. While I am not big on nightmare combat I do enjoy feeling powerful (like a Hero) and hence I do find combat rather fun on casual. I let my companions fight on their own and that way I was able to focus solely on my own character which I liked. I would only interfere with the companions on boss fights and sometimes direct their level ups in certain ways.

Strangely this is a change in my game play. In past games, like BG and IWD, I liked having complete control over everyone in my party. I guess I just like the company better these days :-) Well that and maybe the tactics and AI is better.
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