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March 19th, 2011, 15:11
While not universal (especially in modern CRPG design), Iím hard-pressed to think of another genre that commonly features this kind of mechanic.

First thing that came to mind was the Wing Commander games, and most combat flight sims in general. In WC you had to go back to the base ship for repairs (healing), advance, and to get new missions (quests).

I like being able to save anytime, anywhere - not limited save points. I especially dislike games that restart you at the beginning of the level. There were a couple times in Diablo II where I had to backtrack 15 minutes to get to the point where I had died, and some games even make you go through a cutscene or dialog again after dying. Going over the same ground multiple times gets boring fast. A recent example would be the PS3 game Demon's Souls - when you died you started over at the beginning of the level with all monsters respawned, even if you died at the boss fight at the end of the level.
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