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March 19th, 2011, 15:14
The problem with Hawke and Anders being the only healers is that the game offers you the choice (sort of) to play as a pro-templar mage hater. I would actually say the only differences in the game are pro-templar or pro-mage, every other decision is superfluous.

So, if you want to play a warrior who hates mages what are your healing options? If there were a mage that was pro-chantry and from the circle, like Wynne in DAO, then you could use that person. Since the only healer is Anders though, who is a radical terrorist for the mages against the chantry, you pretty much will get no healing if you choose the templar route. Certainly if Hawke were an apostate mage (the only way to be a mage) then he/she would not be pro-templar.

So that's a bummer.

Of course if you were pro-chantry you should turn your sister in when you reach Kirkwall and turn Anders in when he starts talking but you can't do either of those things. The game railroads you so bad.
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