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March 19th, 2011, 15:21
And Roi Danton, how well do the framed narrative work as the focus for storytelling in the game? On the other hand if we we're to be really nitpicky (is that an English word?), we could argue that the game shouldn't even be called Dragon Age, since Blights happen in Ferelden only, it seems. Or perhaphs I have misunderstood something…
You misunderstood something. A Blight can happen anywhere. The last one was in Ferelden, most of them happened closer to the Tevinter Imperium and the Anderfels. Each "country" have Grey Wardens, although the group don't have political affiliation.

Also, the game is called Dragon Age, because it start around 9:30 Dragon (Origins start date/Escape from Lothering) and end 9:40 Dragon (Varric's retelling). It happen in the Dragon Age.

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just wait until the waves and waves of sten
seriously why the hell did bioware turn Sten into a common noun qunari name?
You skipped the dialogs with the Arishok, otherwise you'll understand that Qunari don't have name, they have a "job title". Sten is a job and I'm pretty sure Sten in DA:O tell you as much when you meet him. Actually, that's something I find really funny, shows how much people who played DA:O didn't bother with the lore.

And there isn't waves after waves of Sten. They lead group of Qunari.
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