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March 19th, 2011, 16:29
There's no need to have a healer unlike in DAO, it's probably a bit harder but won't change much if you don't use the Healer specialization. In DAO attempt doing that was involving a huge use of potions, not in DA2. To compensate collect items increasing health regeneration and an option that is often possible is when a member is low on health make him retreat from the fight a bit to let health regen and/or time to use a potion.

EDIT: And don't skip increasing of the cons attribute.

EDIT2: Merrill is a nice example of a character working well with no healer. Her armor special bonus give them +20 to health regen and +42 health (and a rune slot), with her blood mage capacity she can be a very healthy companion not needing a Healer.
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