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March 19th, 2011, 16:51
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
My biggest gripe so far, aside from the fact it is combat heavy and rpg lite, is that my most hated area of DA:O, the Deep Roads makes a return and there I am again fighting wave after wave every few steps. I went up 3 levels in the Deep Roads area, from 9-12!!
No worry it happens in DA2, the level up is quite slower and in fact mainly guided by quests rewards, codex and crafting resources found. So you won't have the problem in DA2.

But I suppose your concern isn't really the fast level up so yes DA2 is fight heavy, with much more diversity than in DAO, but fights heavy. There's sometime large part without fights but that's not the general mood. With much more puzzling and exploration that doesn't rely too much on using the "show selectable item key" that would have work better, as it is it's often fights heavy. I like that but clearly it's not something all players will enjoy.
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