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March 19th, 2011, 16:53
Originally Posted by hishadow View Post
So why does Bioware give itself these incredibly short development cycles then? Oh, that's right. EA is calling the shots now. And next time they'll have an even shorter cycle.
As others said, fast-turn production cycles aren't inherently bad - in fact, sometimes the quest to 'do next gen' can cause more issues and lose focus, etc.

That said, this move to homogenize all games to action-based, story-driven 'cover shooters' (sometimes with swords & fireballs) with a few dialogue options and so on has seemed to succeed for EA, but they are really not doing the math very well.

Sales are dropping on games while the main console (X360) for this generation is increasing sales … and PC gaming saw a 20% worldwide increase in sales last year (19% outside of China). They are already seeing the impact of their mainstreaming efforts, and it will only get worse.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Nothing.. Awakenings was quite good actually.

Imo, I think a lot of people were simply burned out on Dragon Age at that time.
Exactly - Dragon Age is a huge game, and they were releasing DLC quests at a pretty fast pace and then a huge - and EXPENSIVE - expansion within 6 months? If I wasn't a mindless RPG whore I would have thought twice before pre-ordering!
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