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March 20th, 2011, 09:03
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Anyway, regarding why Vogel might want to target the iPad, the reality is that if he gets a featured position on the iTunes App Store and/or some word of mouth, he could make more on the App Store in an afternoon than in the entire last 17 years of Spiderweb games
The reality? The reality is it's not a shallow flash game copycat of countless free games on newgrounds.com like Angry Birds is, and it's not a game that can be sold for $1, so no, there's no proof that it can sell more. I suppose offering it for $1 it would sell more VOLUME, but the revenue would be questionable especially when this move would most likely reduce the PC version revenue since people wouldn't pay $25 for something that costs $1 elsewhere.

The vast majority of Apple apps are not profitable. Just run the numbers Apple themselves gave on how many apps they have on the store and how much profit they distributed among ALL them, do the math, and see the pathetic average. Then consider there are only few success stories that share most of that and the rest get even less. Then consider NONE resemble Spiderweb games. Apple isn't some gaming savior like tech websites who don't know what gaming is want you to think.

Also, Jeff just doesn't do a very good job promoting his games on PC anyway. Sites like RPS and Indie Games talk about all sorts of low or high profile indie games helping them get much more attention. Spiderweb games barely get a mention on announcement/release and that's about it.

Resellers like Steam provide exposure to large masses of gamers yet Spiderweb games aren't on there.


And even so, they've been chugging for years so they apparently still make enough so maybe they sell more than you want to think anyway.
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