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March 20th, 2011, 12:59
Actually, I did NOT make a streamlining argument at all in that statement. I *quoted* multiple senior Bioware people who made direct statements about their attitudes and opinions regarding other games that *NO ONE* would consider a RPG yet Bioware touts for their RPG elements, to the point of saying that because there is leveling in Medal of Honor and other online FPS games that people are " playing RPGs although they won’t necessarily call them RPGs."

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Mmm the streamlining argument, again. Well play DA2 first then comment it…
I have played it (not quite finished yet) and after my first long session I wrote about it here.

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  • Combat speed increase: In fact it's not really a problem, because the combat feel the same than in DAO, despite the speed increase. And the fights are even quite more tactical overall than in DAO. Moreover it's quite clear they polished more the design of fights to design each with more care, and to put more care about the diversity.
Have *you* played Dragon Age 2? I'm sorry, but regardless of whether you 'like' the combat system more or less, there is simply no way a serious-minded person could argue that DA2 is 'more tactical'. Unless you consider Call of Duty more of a strategy game than Civilization V. Dragon Age 2 is a hack & slash where the combat can just happen and you can watch it while eating popcorn like an action movie, which is more or less how the entire thing plays out.
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