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March 20th, 2011, 12:24
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Originally Posted by Al3xand3r View Post
The reality? The reality is it's not a shallow flash game copycat of countless free games on newgrounds.com like Angry Birds is, and it's not a game that can be sold for $1, so no, there's no proof that it can sell more. I suppose offering it for $1 it would sell more VOLUME, but the revenue would be questionable especially when this move would most likely reduce the PC version revenue since people wouldn't pay $25 for something that costs $1 elsewhere.
I have actually written loads about the inherent issues with the business model for 'serious' games on the iTunes App Store for Gear Diary. Go take a look … I don't feel like rehashing it here. (Actually, I'll do the work for you and point you to a few - here and here and here and here going from oldest to newest)

Suffice to say that there is much more to the story than a couple of $1 games being successful and everyone else being in a world of hurt. There are loads of examples and case studies and analyses of games that have been very successful - and the fact that top brand companies (EA for one) are investing *heavily* in these platforms speaks volumes.

Again, I was very specific in my wording 'if he gets a featured position on the iTunes App Store'. This means landing on the front page of he store in one of the so-called 'featured' slots - which based on all of those mentioned reports, means an immediate massive spike in sales.

Also, immediately assuming $1 as a price is just plain silly. I was explicit in stating $9.99 as what I saw as a potential - but things like Madden NFL and many other games actually started at $12.99. But there is also resistance at that level. As I stated in an iPad related article, the iPad as a gaming system commands higher app prices than the iPhone. That is a demonstrated reality.

So no, there is no 'proof', but the iTunes App store went from 5% to 20% portable gaming market share from 2008 to 2009, and while we don't know the 2010 numbers yet it is likely even higher. Games that gain a 'lift' by getting a favored spot or somehow grabbing attention of the buying public can literally make developers millionaires within a week. That is a reality. There are also no games yet like Avadon on the iPad, so there is an appeal. Will it translate to sales? Who knows.

Originally Posted by Al3xand3r View Post
And even so, they've been chugging for years so they apparently still make enough so maybe they sell more than you want to think anyway.
Have you read my review that this thread is about? The only possible answer is 'no', since otherwise you would realize that I have beta tested Jeff's stuff on Mac & PC for several years now. It isn't too much of a leap from that to realize that I a very much familiar with how Jeff has done through the years - heck, he has been very public with these things!
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