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March 20th, 2011, 15:44
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Have *you* played Dragon Age 2? I'm sorry, but regardless of whether you 'like' the combat system more or less, there is simply no way a serious-minded person could argue that DA2 is 'more tactical'. Unless you consider Call of Duty more of a strategy game than Civilization V. Dragon Age 2 is a hack & slash where the combat can just happen and you can watch it while eating popcorn like an action movie, which is more or less how the entire thing plays out.
That's really not true. I would call it roughly equally tactical… some changes in the negative and some in the positive. On hard mode and especially nightmare it's absolutely essential that you use great tactics and consistently pause and plan. Even on normal there are many fights you have to do this for like most bosses and some early encounters with mages and assassins.

The speed is just speed, it is meant to make the game feel more exciting and visceral. The gameplay is still tactical and predominantly the same as Origins was. The only thing they changed about combat that I dislike is adding reinforcement waves to every fight.
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