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March 20th, 2011, 16:04
I wouldn't call Fallout a shooter, though, it is an RPG in its own right. However, Medal of Honour, Call of Duty and Farmville are definitely not rpgs. While they may some rpg mechanics like upgrading weapons and armours, earn points to do crafting, search for materials to do crafting, running aorund (wait is this a leveling thing now?) and shoot people in Medal of Honor. This does, however, not make them RPGs. It makes them games with RPG mechanics. As far as I know, in Farmville, there is no story, no quests given to you by NPCs, in Call of Duty, you get missions; the same goes for Medal of Honor. But I don't think there are rewards for finishing the missions? Yes, you get a new mission. And maybe a cool new weapon, or an upgraded armour.

And with that said, it is clear why Bioware (EA) wanted to strip away the ability to give follower npcs new armour, and only wanted to give people playing DA2 the ability to customize followers' armours by upgrading their armour. Or by customizing the followers by giving them belts, rings and such. Gloves and boots could maybe added next time? Bioware (and EA) clearly wanted to draw in some of the 10 million people that play Call of Duty - or at least have bought the game, CoD, that is. And they did this by stripping away what someone migt classify as core rpgs mechanics.

However, it seems that Bioware have failed to do what they've set out to do; draw in crowds of call od duty gamers. And the ones that have been drawn in, played DA2 only once, maybe two times at best. And then ´they'll go back to playing Call of Duty…… Interestingly, though, CoD4, got such sales numbers because it dared to provoking, dared to try something new, and dared to have controversial stuff in it as well as pretty good and decent story line.

A game that usually praised here as a combination of rpg, action, adventure and fps is STALKER. It tells a story, it has a level up system (I think?), you can upgrade armours and weapons. You'll meet npcs who give your missions (quests), you'll get rewards, xp and money for doing this. Why is Stalker praised and not DA2 - as they seem to set out to do the same thing? Granted Stalker's world is a lot bigger than the world in DA2.
But still this game works….DA2 does not.

Is this because DA2 is classified as an rpg, not an action adventure…
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