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March 20th, 2011, 19:10
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
  • Combat speed increase: In fact it's not really a problem, because the combat feel the same than in DAO, despite the speed increase. And the fights are even quite more tactical overall than in DAO. Moreover it's quite clear they polished more the design of fights to design each with more care, and to put more care about the diversity.
DA2īs combat feels a lot different than DA:Oīs, fights are NOT more tactical and thereīs abso-fucking-lutely not more diversity in encounters.
On normal and casual the game plays itself, on hard you need to use some strategy, mostly due to idiotic wave mechanic - enemies are mostly same and thereīs not even friendly fire, nightmare offers a bit more diversity (rogues are really dangerous, enemies have immunities, thereīs friendly fire, plus few other things) but is nigh unplayable due to totally inappropriately limited camera and laughably bad targeting. And Iīm speaking from experience - Iīve played most of act 1 on nightmare, the whole act 2 on normal and the whole act 3 on hard. Another thing to note is amount of HP enemies have which is really incompatible with the speed of combat moves and artificially prolongs the combat time (later I cut quite a lot of it by petrify/assassinate combo, but thatīs rather specific tactic and afaik thereīs nothing as effective for classes other than rogues with assassin spec; and I still had to deal with stupid waves) and makes especially nightmare a total slog.
The amount of opponents you generally face is rather ridiculous and verisimilitude-breaking, just take a stroll through the nightly Kirkwall.
Few permutations in the length of enemiesīs health bars, whether thereīs an elite rogue or not and limited enemy mage repertoire (also kinda lore breaking with the often use of teleportation) do not more diversity make.
Some boss fights are good, but thatīs it. On higher difficulties the combat is "tactical" but mostly not in good ways.

Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
  • Story simplification: DA2 gave up the somehow simple but efficient plan they constantly used in RPG, for something quite complex that is breaking a comfortable linearity taking by hand the player to follow a story. In DA2 it's just the reverse, the player is much less guided, quite more stuff are put out of the pointed paths, all in all it's the reverse of design streamlining.

Edit: Hahaha!

DA2īs "story" is not complex and its "political" aspects are explored in a lot less detail than in DA:O, player is more guided than in DA:O and there definitely is not "quite more stuff" put out of paths.
DA2īs main plot is more linear than DA:Oīs by the virtue of act structure alone (nothing inherently bad with this obviously), but on top of that majority of main plot segments canīt be played in different order and you rarely get some alternatives in solution department.
Out of paths stuff mostly include resources and those funny "quests" where you find an item and return it to its owner for 50 silver. The only notable exceptions were evil books in act 2 and demon scrolls in act 3 (and maybe qunari swords but thatīs kinda pushing it). In DA:O, mage tower alone had more of these and some even required tiny bit of thinking.
Thereīs also "lore gathering", but, again, DA:O had more of this, plus quite a few entries in DA2 are rehashed from DA:O.

Just for the heck of it, letīs take a look at DA:Oīs elves/werewolves segment for example.

Altogether thatīs pretty much more quest variety and options than all of DA2 and combat encounters are more varied as well.
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