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March 20th, 2011, 21:07
I think we can all the 2 votes for Battlespire proof that the ballot was confusing. That or maybe there were hanging chads.

…Oblivion: that it was too High Fantasy for my taste. Level scaling (though Tribunal had done this before). Psychic guards. And worst of all: no collectible light sources! Interior decoration was a real drag
Well sigil stones did throw off light - but unless you meant to decorate your interior with a hellish red glow they wren't suitable. Also the particle effect they generated did cause slowdowns on some machines back in the day

Luckily, there's a debugging shortcut that cycles you through the important locations of a dungeon… that cheat is a necessity, because you WILL get stuck. If you don't fall through the floor first, of course.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers who terrible the random generated dungeons could be. The innovative yet ultimately useless 3d map was part of the problem. The other problem was that the sprawling labyrinthian complexes made no sense and were sometimes generated in broken ways that did not make reaching quest points possible. I did have one case where a quest target was in a room that was not properly connected to the rest of the dungeon.

As many problems as Daggerfall had though I will always think well of it. It was the first non-ultima CRPG I had played at that time that really stole many hours of my life. I had lots of fun when I wasn't pounding my keyboard in frustration at forgetting to cast the mark spell upon entering the dungeon (something you should do even if you use the debug cheats).

Battlespire had some interesting lore thrown in but puzzles that seemed too difficult were often merely glitched requiring a reload to a previous save. Ultimately this one had me wishing I was playing Ultima Underworld instead.

Redguard was good in some ways - I appreciated the more hand-crafted nature of the NPCs and the locations. I was not a huge fan of their implementation of the 3rd person patformer style gameplay though. The same setting, plot, and characters but with another combat and control scheme could have made this a great game as opposed to an entertaining yet somtimes very frustrating diversion.
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