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March 21st, 2011, 02:13
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
I would said there is more choices in DA2, they just aren't in you faces or easy to achieve. You also can't change how the past happened, because that wasn't the point of the game. The game was about how Hawke became the Champion, which you acheive by the end of Act 2…Act 3 is the epilogue.

There is already quite a few differences between my first and my second playthrough and I haven't finished act 1 yet.

Also, ME isn't that great with choices. None affected the game itself and ME2 only had encounters and emails to reflect them. At least DA2 had quests attached to a lot of Origins/Awakening/DLC choices. I suspect DA3 will have the same for DA2 choices.
There are probably more quests where different outcomes means different follow-up quests. I don't think Mass Effect 2 had any of that, and ME1 very little. What I was more saying I guess was you have even less ability to make Hawke your own than you did Shepherd.

I always bashed the ME games for basically making your only choice whether to be an asshole or not, but DA2 does it worse. Most of the dialogue choices are whether to be super nice or a little angry, but still agreeable. That's pretty lame. Also since you start as either an apostate or the sibling of an apostate who helps hide her you can't really define yourself as anything other than pro-mage and anti-templar. One of the first interactions in the game is with a templar and without telling Hawke to do anything he instantly gets in the templar's face with an angry look. So much for roleplaying, you're gonna be Hawke as defined by Bioware and like it!

It's a shame.
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