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March 21st, 2011, 14:24
I voted Oblivion.

It's the one Elderscrolls game that I bothered to finish, and it's the only one I've actually felt was a solid title - after the necessary no-scaling mods.

Daggerfall was WAY too buggy, and it didn't deliver anything near the original promises. It was an interesting experiment - but functionally it was extremely flawed.

Arena was also an interesting game, and I remember being impressed by how big it was. But ultimately, it wasn't something I played much - and I remember getting bored pretty quickly. I preferred games like Ultima Underworld.

Morrowind, as we've been through a lot lately - was just not for me. I found it dreary and hollow. Beautiful and ahead of its time in many ways - but the actual gameplay and flow didn't do it for me.




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