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March 21st, 2011, 19:14
My personal choice is Morrowind. While I get acquainted with Elder Scrolls series with Daggerfall and played it hundreds of hours, Daggerfall's randomness in towns, dungeons, side quests became repetitive and boring after a while. So I always prefer Morrowind's hand made dungeons, quests to random ones. It's not only the alien worlds that I hold dear in Morrowind, but exploring contains lots of fun because of all this. Oblivion is in the bottom of my list, because of the randomness, streamlining and such. Simplistic and short dialogs, awful level scaling, generic world and terrible bloated faces (Yes I can't bear to look at the NPC faces). It was my biggest disappointment in 2006. But the biggest strength of all TES games are the modding community. And much of these problems were solved by talented modders. Most people can disagree with me, but Fallout 3 is much better than Oblivion (in terms of world, quests, level scaling, etc) and I hope Skyrim will be much better than Oblivion.
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