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March 21st, 2011, 21:08
Morrowind by a mile. Daggerfall second, Oblivion third. Arena was too dated to be playable by the time I got it, and I havent tried the others.

I finished Daggerfall btw

Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
Most people can disagree with me, but Fallout 3 is much better than Oblivion (in terms of world, quests, level scaling, etc) and I hope Skyrim will be much better than Oblivion.
I for one agree. Oblivion was my 2nd biggest disappointment of 2006 (beaten only by the atrocity that is Railroads!), but when I bought a bargain-bin Fallout 3 I was pleasantly surprised. Some fine tuning and removing the (IMHO rather annoying dance-like friendly fire bonanza) melee combat of Oblivion was all it took for Bethsoft to produce another solid title. Funny since several of the mechanics that annoyed me in Oblivion are in the other Bethsoft titles as well, only less hamfisted (Daggerfall had pretty ridiculous level scaling though)…

Since FO3 showed that Bethsoft still can deliver games that work for me I'll probably get Skyrim, unless it is butchered by people I trust, but I'll wait for a bundle with some DLCs included.
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