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March 21st, 2011, 20:42
If fights are necessarily easy most players including me won't bother look further to find tactics and will let automatic fighting win the fights.

But a Hardcore player can notice that and then will try level up the difficulty level. In DAO at half of game or a bit later it stop be of any challenge at any level of difficulty. I do agree that 1/2 in DAO means a lot because the game is long but still it was a flaw that has been targeted in DA2.

Consider that all game should match your own skill level because most game do, is quite a casual player attitude I wouldn't expect from someone like txa beta testing games like Avernum, particularly when last game he beta tested had its difficulty level lowered at normal level.

I do agree with JDR that you don't need play the whole game to give a deep feedback but it's not what I wrote. I wrote that play only the demo or few hours of it, I quote 2/3 hours isn't fair and when you comment a game your played only 2/3h you should highlight that. When I comment PS:T i always highlight it's only very first parts.

Also see that difficulty is too easy for you at normal difficulty level, not like that and continue, it's unfair.

I wonder, are you used to such superficial and unfair ways to evaluate a game or is it just for DA2? I would expect people of this forum dig more a game before harass it. You played first chapter, or half of first chapter, tried found the difficulty level matching your skills, didn't skip all dialogs and gave a good chance to the game. Yeah fine then for sure you can give a quite deep feedback on the game, but also quote you played only half of chapter 1.

For Hardcore game about roleplaying, lol I don't think you played for example Pool of Radiance.
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